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I'm ready to run!

Without you, over half of the ​Iowa State House races are ​already won!

There are currently 51 unchallenged Iowa State House ​races. When Libertarians like you step up to run for ​office, you challenge the political power strongholds. ​Taking up the leadership role of a candidate, you give ​Iowans someone to vote for who shares their values of ​minimal government and maximum individual ​freedom. Iowa voters need your dedication to our ​motto, "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will ​maintain."

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Our story

Gary Johnson's run for President in 2016 opened up the Iowa Libertarians to ballot access as a major party, which ​cleared the way for 2018 to be the most successful election cycle ever for us. Participating in primaries gave the ​opportunity to run the most candidates, never-before-seen media attention, and record-breaking vote totals. ​Despite this, unprecedented voter turnout got the better of us. We missed the threshold to retain the major ​party status by just 0.4%. We are no longer eligible to participate in the primary and have returned to our non-​party political organization status. Seeing we were still quite a threat to the powers that be, in 2019, the Iowa ​Legislature, led by a Republican majority, passed laws that restricted the voters' choices at the ballot box ​including moving up the

the third party and independent filing deadline to ​comply with a primary election from which we're ​excluded, as well ashigher petition requirements.

So we sued to stop them.

And we won.

We have now retained our previous filing deadline ​of late August, and we need you.

Let's show the voters of Iowa that Libertarians are ​not going anywhere, and we'll do all we can to ​make sure they have a candidate on the ballot ​worth voting for.

Why run?

There are many reasons to run for office. Whatever your reason, you'll have the ​support and encouragement of Libertarians who have run before and want to ​see a freer Iowa for us all.

Requirements to run ​for Iowa House

  • Be 21 years or older
  • Reside in your district for ​60 days
  • Iowa resident for 1 year
  • US citizen
  • Make sure you are ​registered to vote as a ​Libertarian

Prepare your ​Campaign

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If I can do it,

so can you!

Filing my campaign petitions and affidavit in 2016

Disillusioned with two-party politics, I joined the Libertarian Party after ​responding to a candidate recruitment effort by my state LP's Campaigns & ​Elections Committee.I ran for the Iowa House of Representatives in 2016. I ran ​for office again in 2018 for Polk County Supervisor. My opponent was a well-​funded incumbent in 2016 and a career politician playing musical chairs in 2018. ​Both were running completely unopposed. I received enough votes to tell me ​that many of my neighbors are not satisfied with their government.Without my ​willingness to serve, they would have had no voice in the election process at all.

We were never meant to be ruled over by oligarchs but instead represent each ​other in cooperation. I was simply a homeschooling motherwho cared and was ​willing to serve. If I can get my name on a ballot to offer my neighbors a choice, ​so can you! Since running for office myself, I've spent my time helping ​Libertarian organizations and helping others with their campaigns. I'm excited ​to be partnering with LPI to recruit candidates in my home state of Iowa. I will ​be available to help you with every step of getting on the ballot and will point ​you towards resources for campaign success once you're on. Feel free to email, ​call, or text me with any questions you have. -- Jocelyn Jeffries Fry


I'm ready to run!

The Libertarian Policy ​Institute

The Libertarian Policy Institute has executed large-scale, ​targeted recruitment campaigns in Arkansas and ​Alabama, recruiting 57 candidates in Arkansas and 69 in ​Alabama to boldly challenge a political machine no ​other political group had the will to challenge.

Next up, we're repeating this process in Iowa.

The Libertarian Policy institute is a 501c4 organization ​dedicated toindividual liberty and the promotion of ​libertarian policy. LPI is funded by donors who want to ​see positive change, just like you. Help us enact the ​change needed to make the world a better place for ​everyone by become a supporting member of the ​Libertarian Policy Institute today.

Visit Us at LibertarianPolicy.org

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Once you've completed the Getting to Know You Survey you'll ​get a response from me to help walk you through the steps. I'm ​happy to answer questions to make the process as simple as ​possible, however, your campaign is your own. I'm happy to ​point you in the direction of success once you've filed. If you ​have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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